Recherché Realty is a boutique real estate advisory firm that offers developers, corporate houses, businesses, individuals and portfolio managers real estate consulting, support and transaction advisory services.

We provide comprehensive support in connection with real estate investments and transactions, asset and portfolio management & optimization, financing and debt advisory. Whether it is real estate expansion, consolidation, relocation, acquisition, disposal or renegotiation, our consulting and advisory services help our clients optimize our client’s real estate portfolio and holdings for efficiency and profits.

Recherché also provides mortgage financing services for residential and commercial properties. We assist in arranging mortgage and home loans from mortgage lenders including private and public sector banks as well as non-banking financial companies, including housing finance companies.

Additionally, Recherché Realty also provides real estate transaction support services which may include Land and Building Valuations, Feasibility and Highest & Best Use Studies, Liaisoning and Regulatory Approvals, Market Studies and Consumer Surveys, Accounting and Financial Modeling, Digital Marketing plans etc.

Recherché Realty boasts of a specialized team of highly skilled and experienced members that combines the resources and experience to provide a comprehensive suite of real-estate focused services. The team has combined experience of handling more than 100 million square feet of space across various real estate asset classes including commercial, IT/ITeS, residential, retail, land and industrial.

Even though we provide services pan-India, our expertise lies in the North India markets with special focus on Delhi NCR region.


  • Mortgage Broking and Home Loan Assistance

At Recherche Realty, we provide our customers assistance in procuring reliable funding solutions for all types of real estate transactions. For your dream house, we assist you in obtaining hassle free Home Loans from prominent public and private sector banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), at best possible lowest rate of interest. For commercial real estate, we provide reliable debt and equity solutions encompassing all sizes and geographies. Our relationship with a broad range of lenders including commercial banks, mortgage finance companies, real-estate equity and debt funds and HNIs provide access to capital for short, intermediate and long-term solutions to meet the need for acquisition, refinance and rehabilitation of your real estate investment. Recherche also assists its customers in obtaining Loan Against Property for both residential and commercial properties.


  • Real Estate Acquisition, Disposal and Consolidation

Our many years of experience in land and real estate investment market has enabled us to build upon market intelligence and an awareness of the current position in the property cycle which is invaluable when planning on acquiring, disposing or consolidating of significant real estate holdings. Recherché Realty has forged strong relationships with several developers, investment and real estate funds, landlords and other agents over the past decades enabling us to keep track of properties for sale and to monitor the market’s appetite for deals and transactional expectations.

We work with private buyers and sellers of land, as well as institutional investors, small to medium sized developers and national home builders.We also work with entities in the hospitality, healthcare and entertainment sector to cater to their land and property requirements. Our team works on investment and development land with focus on residential, commercial, industrial, and warehousing and hospitality opportunities.

Recherché Realty has worked on several transactions involving asset and land acquisition and consolidation predominantly in the Northern India. These transactions projects were Delhi NCR region as well as in states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. We assist our clients in evaluation, purchase and/or sale and consolidation of land parcels.


  • Funding and Structuring

Recherché Realty leverages its relationship with a broad range of investors including real estate private equity funds, investment funds, institutional investors, banking and non-banking finance companies as well as high net-worth individuals (HNIs) and developers for raising funds for our client’s projects. Our team has worked on fundraising in all segments of the industry, including commercial, residential, hospitality, mixed use, industrial and retail properties. We offer all categories of real estate fundraising including plain vanilla debt, private equity funds, debt syndications, bridge financing, mezzanine funding, convertible debt etc.

We also specialize in structuring complex real estate investments, developing and financing transactions for all stakeholders. Our team combines the experience of our banking, structured finance and debt restructuring specialists with the highly regarded expertise of our real estate, planning and construction practice.

We also advise on both distressed and par debt trading and funding transactions and the structuring and implementation of loan-to-own strategies. We have administered a wide range of structures and SPVs including property unit trusts, limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and companies covering a spread of jurisdictions and asset classes.


  • Liaisoning and Regulatory Approvals

Real estate in India is governed and impacted by a combination of Federal and State-specific laws as well as local and municipal policies and customs. There are an estimated 50 or more approvals are needed to be taken for starting real estate project and these are required from different departments and authorities, and can be a major reason for delay in launch, development and sale of projects.

Recherché Realty team has developed understanding of the requirements of various regulatory and government departments in terms of real estate projects. We liaisonwith various departments and authorities by leveraging our wide network with government and regulatory departments, especially in Delhi NCR and Northern India regions, to obtain requisite approvals for real estate projects.

Our government liaison work includes, but not limited to, Liaisoning with:


  • District Town and Country Planning (DTCP) office
  • State Urban Development Authorities
  • State Real Estate Regulatory Authorities
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Airport Authority of India
  • State Department of Environment
  • District Land Registration Offices
  • District Land Revenue Offices


  • Highest & Best Use Studies

Highest and Best Use (HBU) studies refer to the most value-added use of a property, regardless of its actual and current use but that is physically possible and financially feasible. Recherche Realty undertakes HBU real estate advisory appraisals that focus on four key factors – legal permissibility, physical possibility, financial feasibility and maximum productive use.

We understand that the value of a property and its use are closely linked to its highest and best use is that which results in the highest present value and brings in the greatest net return over a given period or for the foreseeable future. We also consider the impact of the surrounding environment, local competitive and political forces and the timing of potential property development.

A number of clients, especially real estate developers and family businesses with inherited lands and under-utilized buildings benefit from our HBU studies. Additionally, our HBU studies may also be used for the purpose of asset valuation and/or business valuation in case of mergers and acquisitions or insolvency and bankruptcy resolution.


  • Feasibility Studies

We undertake feasibility study of projects that enables clients to make informed decision about the success of a project from the financial and non financial perspectives of a proposed concept, project or business plan. We aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats a given project may present with regards to the available resources in a given environment ultimately determining the success or failure of the potential project.

Our feasibility studies are objectively analyzed based on both quantitative and qualitative data, and are backed by in-depth market research to identifying most appropriate market opportunity, as we address market demand and growth trends, supply and pricing trends, economic and sector overview, competitive analysis and market share and potential.

Our financial feasibility study involves preparing comprehensive and flexible financial models to deliver medium to long term financial projections that are largely influenced by the assumptions obtained from the market research and deep understanding of the industry dynamics.


  • Valuation Services

We offer property valuation services that include land valuations as well as valuation for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our team of valuers and surveyors offer the clients with most effective solutions thoroughly evaluating the net worth of the property. We also undertake valuations of hospitality projects as well as business valuation assignments.

Our property valuations are provided on all asset classes and in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Red Book in addition to IFRS and other regulatory requirements. Valuations are done on various aspects such as cost, location, surroundings, and other topographical and commercial aspects. We also take into consideration the government notified circle revenue rates as well as relative transaction analysis of the area.

We provide valuations for purposes including:


  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) accounting and implementation
  • Audit and Accounting Compliances
  • Transfer Pricing and Purchase Price Allocations
  • Secured Financing and Lending
  • Company restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Internal management and controls
  • Portfolio Valuations and NAV Calculations
  • Insolvency resolutions or proceedings etc.


  • Accounting and Financial Modeling

Accounting for real estate businesses is important as a lot of transactions and huge costs are involved. You need expert accountants who are experienced and well conversant with the myriad of transactions that take place in real estate sales and acquisitions. Carrying our real estate accounting in-house will only add to overhead costs and often leads to inefficiencies and inaccuracy.

Recherche Realty provides real estate bookkeeping services to its clients and provides them with skilled resources and access to state-of-art infrastructure to successfully assist them with all their accounting and financial analysis requirements. Our team is experienced in providing accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation and advisory services to property management firm, real estate companies, investor groups, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and real estate marketing and brokerage firms etc.

Our financial feasibility study involves preparing comprehensive and flexible financial models to deliver medium to long term financial projections that are largely influenced by the assumptions obtained from the market research and deep understanding of the industry dynamics.


  • Tax and Tax Efficiency Advisory

Real estate owners and operators, real estate investment trusts (REITs), private equity funds etc., must competitively source and qualify investments, structure funds and effectively develop and operate their properties. From attracting initial capital to facilitating a successful exit, virtually every real estate-related decision and transaction has tax implications.

We help our clients identify issues and deal breakers early on, and provide them with required in-depth due diligence from a tax perspective. We help develop tax efficient structures for real estate investments and transactions, including structures,

  • In relation to entry of prospective investors
  • For obtaining financing for real estate operations
  • Assistance in re-organization (merger, demerger etc.) for achieving efficient tax base or transparent structure for potential investors
  • Assistance in complying with the provisions of the Capital Gains Tax, Property Tax and Income Tax laws
  • Advising in dealing with GST and other indirect tax laws, etc.



We are proud of our company’s accomplishments in such short and difficult situation and our clients appreciate the professionalism, integrated team-based approach and our ability to facilitate effective, responsive communication. We ensure that the operational and financial performance of your property is always our highest priority.

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